James Arthur Is Touching Souls With His New Single, ‘At My Weakest’

A long way from his X Factor days, James Arthur has been churning out beautiful music over the last six years. He released the lyric video of his new single, ‘At My Weakest’ yesterday. With a slow and start, the song picks up pace as does the emotion in his voice while it progresses until he hits a perfect falsetto in the chorus. The vulnerability in his voice is evident as he references Elvis Presley’s “Fool rushing in”. After a striking bridge with its choir-like back vocals, the song dips to a point where you only hear James’ voice in the cadence heartbreakingly crooning, “You caught me at my weakest and I fall for you”.

You can’t help but love James Arthur’s unique voice and stellar music by the end of the video.

- Tanya Francis
Pic Courtesy: FRPAP.com