Jeffrey Archer’s love for Books

Jeffrey Archer in India for Jaipur Literature Festival, shares his love for India

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Why Jaipur is the Ideal Destination Anytime of the Year

All about why Jaipur is the ideal destination anytime of the year

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Rich Culture and Good Vibes

Smita Joseph works for a software company from Hyderabad, and recently went on an official trip to Jaipur. But she stayed back after to explore the city, and travelled to Pushkar as well. Smita loves to travel, both solo and with her close friends and family. “It makes me more aware of the different kinds of people that come from different backgrounds and have diverse upbringings, which results in a different mindset than mine,” she says, “as my job requires quite a bit of interaction with people, this helps me to put into perspective where they might be coming from, and be more efficient in fulfilling my responsibilities. It is also an escape from the din of the city and a break from routine that I need every few months to rejuvenate.” Naturally, the 
week-long trip to Rajasthan was an opportunity that this travel enthusiast simply could not let slide. 

 “It was amazing to see that a tiny place like Pushkar has so much to explore and offer in terms of stores, food, the lake, and learning experiences. That’s what made me fall in love with the little town.”

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