It’s a Dad Thing!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, if you’re bored with all the same old generic gifts or you think your old man is, we have just the idea for you. This year, gift your dad the perfect Father-Child American Tour. We know a tour of the USA might seem a little clichéd and overdone, but not this one; we’ve curated a list of some terrific spots places in the USA that you’re absolutely going to love visiting with your dad!

Golfin’ Around!

What’s the most ‘dad’ game you know? How can you possibly not take your dad out on his day to play a round of his game? The Pine Valley Golf Club in Camden County, southern New Jersey is one of America’s highly acclaimed golf courses, so if golfing is your father’s sport, he’ll absolutely love this place. The gold club blends all three schools of golf design – penal, heroic, and strategic – to give you a fully rounded experience. If the sheer size of the property and its grandness doesn’t stun you straight away, the perfect setting, the course’s diverse and difficult landscape, and the breath-taking views will do the trick. Known as one of the best and most brutal golf courses around, you and your father are bound to have one heck of a golfing experience!

Fishing for Fun!

There’s nothing more calming than spending a quiet afternoon fishing by a river. Even if you’re in your roaring twenties, trust us that your father will greatly appreciate the wound-down celebration. For the most enjoyable fly-fishing experience, we suggest you head out to East Idaho. The Snake River is the largest North American river that empties into the Pacific Ocean, and happens to be one of the best places in the country for dry fly-fishing. The Natural Retreats South Fork Lodge rests along the river’s south fork, and you can head there for a guided experience. With an abundance of species like the brown, cutthroat, and rainbow trout; you’re bound to reel in quite a few. And while you’re waiting for the tug on your rod, the Snake River will fill you up with its beautiful serene views.

It’s the Climb!

If there’s one thing all fathers seem to love to do, it’s trying out some rigorous outdoor activities with their kids. We’re not sure if it makes them feel younger, stronger, or fitter, but we certainly know it makes them a hell of a lot of more fun! If you’re used to bonding with your dad in the outdoors, braving injury possibilities while rock climbing, the next item on our list will definitely interest you. Moabis a city in eastern Utah that’s a gateway to the massive red rock formations in Arches National Park. Here you’ll find Canyonlands National Park, through which both the Green and Colorado Rivers flow. Moab itself is known as the adventure capital of America, and it certainly lives upto its name. Rock climbing up Wall Street (no, we didn’t say stock climbing, it’s rock climbing) – a sandstone cliff along the Colarado River –might just be the perfect plan for your day. The icing on the cake? Dad and you can unwind after a long day of climbing with some refreshments at the Sorrel River Ranch!

Something’s Brewing!

There’s something about the eternal connection of men and beer. Brewed beer, especially, always seems to get their attention. We think the perfect way to conclude your Father’s Day tour would be by going on a brewery crawl in none other than America’s own Beervana: Portland, Oregon. The city is home to an astonishing number of breweries, from tiny start-ups that serve five different experimental brews, to some of the most renowned establishments that have been around for decades. Statistically, the city has more breweries per capita than any other city in the USA! The cool thing about these breweries is that most of them have a taproom or tasting room, where you get to sample the beers straight from the source. You could visit Upright Brewing for a Northwestern spin on French and Belgian beers; Breakside Brewing for its exemplary Breakside IPA; Ecliptic Brewing for some fun fruit ales; or Culmination Brewing for something new and bold like a black lime Kolsch or cucumber sour. There’s no hankering for beer that will not be satiated during this conclusion of your paternal bonding trip!    -                        

- Tanya