It Takes Two – Manu and Mudita Swarup talk with You & I

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Manu and Mudita Swarup talk with You & I
Young and vivacious, Manu and Mudita are an ambitious couple working hard in their respective fields of healthcare and social networking. Married for almost two years, they share a fun and friendly rapport and seem truly in love. We spoke to them about work life, their relationship and their views on Karva Chauth. Read on.  
You work in different fields – healthcare and social networking. Tell us about your roles.
Manu: I work at our family-run chain of eye hospitals – Swarup Eye Centre, and here I’m responsible for strategic growth, marketing and the customer experience of our patients.
Mudita: I’m with the community operations department at Facebook, which is primarily responsible for maintaining positive user experiences on the site.
Mudita, you’ve recently started your own fashion line for contemporary Indian clothing. Tell us more about that.
I’ve always been very passionate about clothes and I had been thinking about getting into this space for sometime now. I found a partner in my good friend, Anukriti, who shares this enthusiasm, and together we’ve launched our label Dvé. In Sanskrit, ‘Dvé’ means ‘two’, and since it’s the two of us the name is quite appropriate. We wanted to create clothes that are fuss-free, trendy and affordable at the same time. We want people to get more out of their outfits in terms of wearability, and we’ve kept that in mind while designing our pieces.
Manu and Mudita Swarup 
Manu, what is your vision for Swarup Eye Centre?
Swarup Eye Centre has been in existence since1961 and was started by my grandfather. What began as a small clinic is now a comprehensive eye care centre with five branches in Hyderabad. We treat all eye-related issues, right from corneal transplants to ocular cancer and sutureless cataracts. My vision is to expand Swarup across various cities in the South while setting new benchmarks for the patient experience.
How did you meet?
Manu: It’s an interesting story, almost like destiny. Mudita’s mom was searching on Facebook for another guy with the same first name as mine from whom she had received a proposal. She chanced upon my profile as the Facebook search threw up my result first, since her mother and I had some common friends in Kolkata. As luck would have it, they knew my cousins and some friends in Kolkata well, and so they asked around before sending the proposal. The moment Mudita and I first chatted, we clicked; as they say, everything else is history. We’ve been married for almost two years.
How do you celebrate Karva Chauth? What significance does it have in your life?
Mudita: Karva Chauth is a lot of fun in our family because we are four women fasting together. We spend the day together, watching movies, playing cards and keeping ourselves distracted from the thought of food. In the evening after we break our fasts, we go all-out!
It is special to me because of the family. I don’t understand the science behind it, but if there is any possibility that my loved one lives longer on account of my fasting for a day, then I’d be happy to do it every month!
What interests do you two share?
There are so many. To name a few, we both love food, travel, music, movies and sleep… exactly in that order!
Tell us what you like and dislike about each other.
Manu: Mudita has the innocence of a child, and through that she brings energy and a fresh perspective to life, especially for me as I get way too practical about everything. The only things I have an aversion to are her putting things off and her tendency to sleep late.
Mudita: I love how thoughtful and selfless his decisions are. He always think about everyone and not just himself. What I don’t like is that he’s a morning person and I’m not! No matter when he sleeps he always gets up early.
If you could each change one thing about the other, what would it be?
Manu and Mudita: Clashing sleep priorities (laugh)!   
                                                                                                                                                                   —  as told to Niharika

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