(Is)Land here ASAP! - Look no further than the beautiful beaches of Maldives, in the Indian Ocean

Need to forget all your worries and just chill under the sun with your partner? Look no further than the beautiful beaches of Maldives, in the Indian Ocean – the ideal spot for a lazy holiday! The country is comprised of 1,192 islands, which cover a ground area of approximately 90,000 square kilometres, out of which a surprisingly small amount, 298 square kilometres, is dry land.

An ideal trip, lasting for around six days and five nights will have you exploring the local eateries, shopping at the street markets, trying out all the local flavours, experiencing the nightlife, and a whole lot more!

The Maldives has a lot of activities for the adventurous ones out there, starting from water sports. The wide range of water activities will have you swimming beside a five-foot-long shark, snorkelling all-day, diving among caves, tunnels, and shipwrecks, and the most exhilarating under ocean experience – dining and spa facilities that are meters beneath the ocean surface. You can even opt to stay at one of these places, and instead of waking up with the sun’s bright yellow rays shining on your face, wake up to the gorgeous blue hues of the oceans as aquatic wildlife swims around you. You’ll spot a lot of various kinds of sea life, including sharks, but don’t worry, you’ll be safe behind the glass!

If you’re looking for exciting activities, look no further than the North Malé Atolls. Surfer’s paradise, the spot has smooth, flowing waves with the perfect bathtub-temperature shallow water, making it a great place for beginners and experts alike. Harness the power of the elements as you kitesurf and glide across the bluest waters in the world, lined with alluring sandbanks and serene beaches peppered with swaying coconut palms.

You can spend your evenings exploring the island, and taking long walks on the moonlit beaches with the love of your life. One of the main attractions of the islands is an offshore shipwreck, famous for being the only diving site. To dive into the depths of the turquoise waters, you’ll have to board the shipwreck first, and then jump from it. You find stunning coral reefs, and the beautiful setting of it all gives off an otherworldly feel.

All the resorts and hotels in the area have similar vibes and overlook the ocean (obviously, it’s all around you!) Perfect for the relaxed vacation, the rooms are built on stilts, and take you directly from your room to the ocean! You’ll find yourself in crystal clear water in striking shades of blue, with fishes of various colours swimming all around you; certainly an unforgettable experience.

The Maldives is the perfect destination for a quiet getaway to luxuriateon the beach, where you forget all your problems, and get far away from the hustle-bustle of cities. Get lazy under the sun or go for a quick swim in sparkling blue waters – sun, sand, and even ample adventure sports for the adrenaline junkies. Peace, calm, serene, relaxed and full of natural beauty, Maldives truly has it all.     – Devanshi