Ireland Baldwin feels that Justin and Hailey are the same

by Saritha

Hailey’s cousin Ireland Baldwin talks about Justin and Hailey’s relationship


Hailey Baldwin’s cousin, Ireland Baldwin feels that pop singer Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin don’t live by the whole opposites attract theory.

“They’re perfect for each other because they’re like the same person,” Ireland, 23, told

“They’re extremely sweet and they love each other a lot,” added Ireland.

The young couple is also experiencing life at the same speed. “Since they’re going through the same struggles, they are able to help each other out. As life goes, we all go,” Ireland said of
her cousin.

Although Justin, who’s 24 years old , and on the other hand,  Hailey, who is 22 years old , already tied the knot, according to a source told people the couple are planning to have a grand celebration including a religious ceremony and reception.

“They’ve been figuring out the perfect time to do it, and they both feel like the sooner, the better,” an insider close to Bieber said.

The couple rekindled their relationship last year, after which Bieber proposed to Hailey in Bahamas. After two months of the proposal, the two got married in a New York City civil service.

Pic Courtsey: IANS


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