Instagram Influencers Turn Pandemic Heroes; Share COVID Resources with Followers

There’s no doubt when we say tough times bring us together. And during this time of crisis, our favourite influencers have become our messiahs. From patients’ details, oxygen cylinder and medicine availability, safe food services, contacts of plasma donors, to hospitals and beds’ information; several popular names from social media are constantly sharing COVID-19 resources leads on their accounts. Acknowledging the importance of such leads at the moment, we have curated a list of influencer profiles that you can check to get help or cater help to someone in need.

Kusha Kapila

Besides creating content and entertaining her audience, Kusha is constantly sharing COVID-19 leads through her account and helping people in these trying times. One can check her stories everyday for leads, reach her out for any help with resources, or even share the list of leads themselves to amplify the same. Taking to her Instagram account, the influencer wrote, “For the stories I share, although they are verified by me or someone I trust personally, please use your own discretion and verify the price and details before getting into any of these service.” Kusha has also saved all the important leads in one of her highlights as COVID leads.

Viraj Ghelani

Known for his witty content, Gujarati jokes and adorable Nani, Viraj is too helping people with verified leads and requirements from across the country. For past few days, the digital content creator has been sharing hospital beds, oxygen and ventilator availabilities, list of plasma donors, details of patients in need, Remedisiver needs and availabilities and several other resources. Head to his profile and check out his stories for help.

Masoom Minawala Mehta

With a one million strong Instagram family, fashion blogger Masoom Minawala, is not only sharing COVID resources leads but is also helping her followers with websites, accounts and contacts of those who are catering information about anything and everything related to COVID-19 crisis and sharing leads. Masoom too has created a COVID lead highlight on her account that you can check for any need.

Saransh Goila

Chef Sarash Goila keeps his followers entertained with recipes of mouth-watering dishes. In the COVID times, the chef has taken up the responsibility of sharing diet tips for those suffering from COVID-19. He is also sharing list of catering services who are giving hygienic, safe and healthy food to such patients. All one has to do is go to the website and enter the name of their state and city to find the nearby service.

Srishti Dixit

Srishti Dixit is another such influencer who is actively sharing leads of resources through her social media account @srishtipatch. From blood banks, RT-PCR testing facilities, food catering services, fundraisers for oxygen cylinders to patients in need and much more, one can head to her profile and reach her out for help.

Several Other Profiles that one can Head to are as follows:


                  Display Pic Courtesy: Instagram (@masoomminawala @kushakapila @srishtipatch)