Indus Grill

Opened earlier this year, Indus Grill forms the perfect backdrop for all occasions from fine dining to casual outings with family and friends. It serves the exotic flavours of India, particularly from the undivided Punjab and the North West Frontier Provinces, with an ambience that takes you through a journey of India’s rich traditional heritage, all while staying classy.

The extensive menu offers a variety of authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs, which include Kalmi Kebab, Galouti Kebab and Stuffed Mushrooms. The main course has traditional curries cooked in Indus’ unique way, giving it the desired freshness. Indus Grill also has a full-service bar to offer, with a range of new and traditional cocktails and mocktails. There are also over 15 varieties of exotic bread to choose from.

The contemporary decor indulges you in the exquisiteness of traditional India, creating an interesting balance while providing ambience that suits every guest. The bar is located on the terrace, which has been highlighted with hanging glass lighting, making it the focal point of the venue. The huge feature wall in gold shows the Indus province, adding a glamorous quotient.

Indus Grill has been designed to meet a long-standing vacuum in the high-quality Indian dining segment. The restaurant fulfills that quest, serving exotic Indian flavors prepared in an authentic way.