An Indian Summer in London

London in the summer is known to be most wealthy Indians’ backyard for the few hot months. There are pockets of London in the summer that one would be fooled into believing are Mumbai or Delhi, since one is having lunch, tea or dinner among their own at Claridges or Harrods.

There is no shortage of posh London hotels for those who want to camp out here for a short time. However, for the ultra rich who are looking to make London their second home, the city offers the most expensive residential building in the world ---- One Hyde Park.

Labelled as the world’s most expensive residential block, this address boasts a list of ultra luxury amenities and an exclusive list of tenants to match.

Located in Knightsbridge, the apartments overlook the nearby Hyde Park and the Queen’s cavalry regularly march by on their way to and from Hyde Park Barracks.

Inside, it has all the bling you can imagine. High-end amenities include a 21-metre swimming pool, private spa, squash court, gym, wine cellar, and ever virtual golf course.

Needless to say, cheap is not a word that could be in the vicinity of this building. Last year a five-bedroom apartment on the eighth floor was listed for sale at £75 million ($150 million), equating to $179,425 per square metre.

But it was a penthouse sale in 2011 for £136.4 ($211 million) that really set the bar at One Hyde Park.

Architect Richard Rogers, best known for the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the headquarters for Lloyd’s of London, was behind the design of One Hyde Park

Ukrainian billionaires, Russian real-estate magnates and Arab sheikhs are rumoured to be among those who call One Hyde Park home, according to Vanity Fair. But the building is widely speculated to be largely vacant with many of the absent investors residing in offshore tax havens.

Say what one may, One Hyde Park, with its prestigious location right opposite Harrods and next to Hyde Park is the perfect place to call home in the scorching Indian summer.