India by Way of New York - Punit Jasuja

At first glance, one might mistake Punit for a fashion designer because of how impeccably stylish he looks. However, this former New Yorker, who has now made Delhi his base, is the name behind some of the most stunning and elegant weddings in the country. We caught up with him to find out more about what it takes to produce such grand events.

How did you, a New Yorker, find yourself in New Delhi? Run us through your journey.
I’ve spent a great deal of time in India throughout my life. About eight years ago, I decided it was time to settle here and explore the country. As I spent more and more time here, I realised that there was a plethora of opportunities in India. Creatively, financially, socially, and personally, there is so much I have been able to do here, and lots that I still want to do.

What were you doing before you started your own company – Second Floor Studio?
I’ve had a number of careers in my life and hope to continue this way. I have been a management consultant, art curator, waiter, bartender, technology consultant, stylist, jewellery designer, and art historian. But in the past 15 years it’s all been interior designing, events, and the concept store – Second Floor Studio.

You’re the name behind some of the most fabulous weddings in the country. What have been some of your personal favourites that you’ve worked on?
Trishya Screwala and Suhail Chandok’s wedding in Mumbai was one of my favourites. Trishya’s mom Manju Nanavati is one of the most elegant and stylish women in Mumbai. In the process of working with her, we were able to work on the smallest of details in order to create a very special wedding, even though there were a large number of attendees. The process was truly enjoyable.

How and on what basis do you select a wedding?
We really like to work with clients who want an understated and elegant wedding, no matter the size. We work with our clients very closely before we sign them on, to make sure that they understand what is involved in achieving the look, feel and experience that is a ‘Punit Jasuja Production’. For that reason, we in fact reject more weddings than we actually end up doing. For anyone who is getting married, it is really important that you gel with your designer/planner. Don’t hire someone just because people say they are the best.    

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a couple who’s getting married, and their families?
The most important advice I could give is engage your designer/planner before you have chosen your event locations. They can really help you make some wise decisions about how to achieve the look you want more effectively and within your budget, by helping you choose the right venue for your dream wedding.     – as told to Suneela