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Royalty, sophistication, and glamour flow from every page in this issue! On the cover, we have the epitome of grace and beauty, Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur. I am sure you will enjoy reading our Cover Story where we take a look at India’s most magnificent Maharanis from this era.

Featured in In The Spotlight are special interviews with the essence of royalty, Prince Mukkaram Jah’s children – Prince Azmet Jah, Princess Shehkar Jah, and Prince Azam Jah, each living in different parts of the world but with their hearts in Hyderabad.

For royals, like for many others, jewellery is no mere adornment. From the settings to the stones, be it a family heirloom or a national treasure, everything has significance. This month in our Feature Story, we speak to David Warren, Christie’s Senior International Jewellery Director. He shares stories and tales of some of India’s most magnificent regal jewels and how they were auctioned for stellar prices.

While a stay in a palace was once reserved for royal families, the doors to a number of historic residences have now been opened to the public, thanks to their conversion into luxury hotels. Full of grandeur and history from royal eras past, one such incredibly opulent palace hotel is the Rohet Garh in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Turn to our Sensational Spaces where you’ll see why this luxurious palace hotel should be near the top of your bucket list.

2020 is an era of democratic modernism filled with western luxury, couture labels and contemporary artists. However, in these contemporary times too, some royal scions are working hard to keep their legacy of patronage alive. Our Special Feature is on how royals are adopting the local craftsmen of their region, infusing their skill with their refined aesthetics to create spectacular designs.

It will come as no surprise that if you’re a royal, you quite literally have the world at your feet when you’re ready to cut loose and take a long vacation. Stopover at Mind & Body where we list out the exotic locales known to be popular among the royal set.

In Grand Getaways, let the amazing photos of model-turned-actor Namit Khanna’s tour of Sri Lanka transport you to a universe full of varied landscapes, rich cuisine, culture, and endless entertainment!

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