The Incredible Benefits of Longjing Tea

Longjing tea is a type of green tea, which is also known as Dragon Well Tea. It has a high concentration of antioxidants, polyphenolic compounds, and catechins and has mild astringent, like any other green tea. There are several types of this light-yellow tea. They are the Shi Feng Longjing tea, Mei Jia Wu Longjing tea, and the xi hu Longjing tea. While Longjing tea has been used for many years, it never really gained much popularity across the world.

There are a few uses of Longjing tea that are quite beneficial. Some of the top benefits are weight loss management, relief from stress and anxiety, prevention of cancer, and reduced risk of heart ailments. Let’s take a look at how the tea works.

1.Helps in weight loss. The oxidants content in this tea, known as catechins, aids in burning fat inside your body, while increasing your rate of metabolism.

2.Relief stress. With its soothing properties and amino-acid content known as L-Theanine, Longjing tea helps in refreshing and energising you.

3.Cancer prevention. The Longjing tea has a high concentration of catechins and polyphenols, which can help reduce the risk of developing various types of cancers.

4.Improves the functionality of your heart. Also known for lowering blood pressure, Longjing tea keeps the body cholesterol level in control. It can also prevent atherosclerosis and lower the risk of heart attacks and coronary heart problems.

5.Acts as a great substitute for coffee. Since this type of tea has moderate amounts of caffeine in it, it can be a great replacement for your coffee. Although it can keep you awake, it is not as strong as coffee.

6.Improves oral health. The fluorine content of Longjing tea helps in reducing bad breath and tooth decay. Consume this tea on a daily basis for better oral health.