Ignorance Is(n’t) Bliss

With the Emmy nominations having just come out, all the hot topics of discussion are who got one, and whether they’ll win. Instead, let’s talk about all the shows and casts left out of the limelight this year: all those awful snubs to deserving TV.

Orange Is The New Black
For a series so critically acclaimed, it was a surprise that it only received one nomination (Outstanding Casting in a Drama Series), missing every other category. Even Uzo Aduba, last year’s winner of Supporting Actress in a Drama, didn’t get nominated at all this year. The poor turnout could be because it’s third season has been judged the messiest one yet; and also because the show treads a wary line between comedy and drama.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
This is part of a two-parter I like to call The Ignorance of CW- a network which mounted huge Emmy vote campaigns for both it’s Golden Globe-nominated comedies (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin) of which neither ended up nominated for a notable Emmy; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just won Best Main Title Theme Music. For co-creator and lead Rachel Bloom this is clearly a huge snub, considering that all the music numbers (at the very least) should have made it a shoo-in nom.  

Modern Family
This pinnacle of comedy that once won seventeen Emmy nominations has been going slowly downhill. Last year it lost it’s five-year streak as Best Comedy Series when beaten by Veep, and six-time nominee Julie Bowen has been bounced from Best Comedy Supporting Actress. Though it made it into the Best Comedy Series again, it’s prospects for winning are doubtful, and only one cast member was recognised in any category this Emmy season. Questions arise as to whether season eight will be its last.

Despite three Golden Globe nominations and a growing cult of fans, Outlander was snubbed outside of fairly specific categories (Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period Program, Outstanding Costumes for a Period/Fantasy Series).  Having been left high and dry at the Golden Globes as well, the entire cast of this prodigious time-travelling drama, in Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin’s words, “has been robbed.”

The Good Wife
The titular wife, Julianna Margulies , has won two Emmys for her performance and so it was sad to see the cast miss out on any nominations during their final season, with most of the regulars ignored even though the guest stars Michael J Fox and Carrie Preston got nods for their performances.

American Horror Story: Hotel
Though it’s pretty tough to call a show with eight nominations honestly snubbed, considering that AHS: Freak Show got nineteen nominations in 2015 it must be said that this year’s instalment has declined to less than half: Lady Gaga, despite her rave reviews, proved no match for the previous leading lady,  two-time Emmy winner Jessica Lange.

HBO is used to getting more Emmy honourees than not, considering the fact that Veep and Silicon Valley swept the nominations table this year. But Girls has been left in the lurch continuously for the past years, and this trend continues in 2016. The fifth season was backed to finally get a nomination, considering its 84% Rotten Tomatoes rating, but voting results proved otherwise.

Even though this Showtime drama seems catnip for Emmy voters with its far-reaching themes, star credentials (Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis)  and oft-praised writing, it was completely shut out this year- a noticeable absence considering that both actors were definitely expected to battle it out for Best Actor in a Drama Series.  

-Devanshika Bajpai