I Try to Do Something Impactful - Smita talks with You & I

…affirms Smita, the celebrated singer from Vijayawada. She uses her public platform to deliver a message that reflects the ground realities of society, as seen in her short film, Dying To Be Me. She owes her success to her parents’ guidance and spouse’s support, which not only enabled her to confidently grab the mike for her first performance in the eighth standard, but also helped hone her business acumen. Call her a singer, actor or entrepreneur, in a free-wheeling chat with You & I, she begins by divulging why being a master of all trades is crucial.

You did not limit yourself to singing, but chose to venture into business and acting. Why?
When my singing career took off and I began gaining recognition, I wanted to be more than just a performer. It goes without saying that whatever line you choose, you are bound by the ups and downs of it as much as it influences your preferences and decisions in life. Additionally, if you want something in particular and it doesn’t happen, you will eventually be affected. So I realised that to have complete control of my life, I had to do more than just one thing. Hence the foray. When there are multiple channels running simultaneously, there is something that gives you a high at every point of your journey. Thankfully, these multiple businesses happened naturally and turned in my favour.

You have a track record of hit songs. Does it affect you if some songs do not do as well?
A hit or a flop, high or a low; nothing affects me. Whatever I do, I give my 101 % and do the best that I can. What happens after that doesn’t really matter to me. The results neither make me overly happy nor extremely sad. Simply put, I am attached to the product while making it, and detached from the success or failure that is later associated with it.

What projects are you currently working on?
I will soon be launching a line of skincare products called Old School. These products are extremely natural, skin-friendly, and almost edible! They will remind people of their own grandma’s remedies from the kitchen. This project has been on my mind for the past seven to eight years. Already available in all Bubbles salons, the formal retail launch of these products is slated in two months. On the music front, I am working on a spiritual-rock fusion album with a band called Threeory. We won’t take away the beauty of original spiritual songs, but will only add other elements like rhythm and multiple instruments. The album will be released during Vinayaka Chaviti. In other news, I will be graduating in a business programme from Insead Business School (France) in July. I’m excited!

We see your daughter Shivi following your footsteps. What are your plans for her?
I have not planned anything for her. She is free to do what she loves, as she seems to have extreme clarity in what she wants. I see that she is inclined towards performing arts, especially music. I want to give her the exposure she requires, but gradually. Although she has just turned six, she is quite independent and has a mind of her own. I won’t really restrict her from doing the things she likes. Presently, Shivi is playing the role of actress Savitri’s daughter in her biopic, which is being made by a very close friend of mine. I did not pass over this opportunity of hers.

What is your favourite vacation spot?
Whenever we get a chance, we frequent the Isha Centre in Coimbatore. If we haven’t visited this place for a long period, Shivi keeps prompting me that it is about time!

How do you relax after a hectic day?
My idea of relaxing is having close friends over, chatting, laughing, and having a good time.     --- as told to Sumana