I Don’t Mind Having A Mom-Bod: Miranda Kerr

Super-model Miranda Kerr says that being a mother is the most rewarding thing she has ever experienced, so-much-so that she does not even mind having a “mom-bod”. Kerr has two boys, the first one with her former husband Orlando Bloom, and recently welcomed Hart, the newest addition to her family with husband Evan Spiegal. He is the couple’s first child together. On motherhood she said, "It's

such a luxury to be able to be settled, to be in one place and have routines." She spoke about fully embracing her post-pregnancy bod, saying, "I've got a mum-bod and it's fine."

She also emphasized on the value of taking time out for some self-care and to treat our bodies right, especially after putting it through childbirth.

She added: "It's really important as women that we're gentle with ourselves and don't feel like we have to snap back into shape after a baby."
She also revealed that she doesn’t care about the fact that her chiseled abs arent visible anymore, saying, "I don't mind. It's all part of it. I took nine months – well, 10 months – to grow a beautiful child and it might take 10 months to feel good in a swimsuit again. Or longer. Or never!"

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Credits – Miranda Kerr Instagram