Hyundai Helps A Girl Send A Message To Her Dad In Space

Hyundai used 11 Genesis sedans to help a 13-year-old girl from Houston, Texas, send a message to her father, an astronaut working on the International Space Station. As part of their “A Message to Space” ad campaign, Hyundai co-ordinated the stunt and helped Stephanie write a simple message to her dad at the International Space Station. "Steph loves you!" reads the note, carefully driven in Nevada's Delamar Dry Lake.
As can be seen in the video below, the company used advanced tech to make sure that its sedans, driving in perfect choreography, were able to recreate the exact message Stephanie wrote on a piece of paper.

As Stephanie explains in the video above, her stellar dad loves photography. She knew if they made the message big enough, he'd see it and snap a picture from space. The project, which was filmed and turned into a touching video for Hyundai's New Thinking Campaign, was a mission accomplished. Having taken his snap of the city-sized message, her father radioed Earth: “Hi Stephanie, it’s Dad. I just wanted to call to say I love you and thank you.”
The message was recorded as the world's largest tire track image, according to Guinness World Records. The image measured 59,808,480.26 square feet. According to the company, the message is 1.5 times larger than New York City's Central Park.

..... Devashree Goenka