Hublot’s Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire Timepiece

The masterminds at Hublot are world renown for their expert watch-making skills. The Swiss luxury watch brand has outdone themselves with their latest creation, the attractive Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire. This watch was conceptualised after Hublot experimented with more methods to achieve coloured sapphire after they made the transparent, smoked black, blue, and red sapphires in the earlier models. The brand started to iconize sapphire in 2016 by creating large sapphires in a variety of colours after investing in the endeavour for quite a while. Hublot now pumps out sapphires, that are perfectly shaped and coloured, which they use for their masterpieces. That’s where the stunning ochre shade is taken from – by blending aluminium oxide and copper. This led to the creation of this ultra-resistant sapphire which can be counted amongst some of the hardest materials to exist.

The timepiece itself is supposed to be tough, considering it stands at a solid 9 on the Mohs scale while a diamond is 10! It is also light-weight weighing at a mere 107 grams. The watch is to be produced in a limited edition only, with only 100 pieces created. You better get ready to spend some big bucks if you want to get your hands on this bad boy!