How You Can Eat Health When You’re Short on Time

Sometimes you get so busy during the day that finding time for a good meal gets difficult. Unfortunately, if you do not have a meal or even a small snack for a long period of time, you will begin to feel sluggish and irritable. You will also lack the physical and mental energy to pull through the day. Hence no matter how busy you are, these eating tips will keep you healthy and productive throughout the day:

Eat the first thing.

Starting your day without eating is like driving a car without fuel. Grabbing something plain, like an apple, a boiled egg, or even a plain yogurt will give your body enough energy to start the day.

Have reserves.

Shopping for healthy snacks that are low on calories and storing them either in your bag or at the workstation will help you to grab something in emergencies. Raw nuts, whole-grain, low-sugar cereal, or unsweetened dried fruits are a few examples.

Apart from the above, you can plan your breaks ahead of time. This way you can eat every three to four hours. Best food options are high fiber and protein foods!

---Sumana Reddy