How Tom Cruise's injury helped “Mission: Impossible Fallout”

Actor Tom Cruise's ankle injury benefited “Mission: Impossible Fallout” as it allowed the team to explore more about the film and make changes, says director Christopher McQuarrie.

In August last year, the production for the movie went on a hiatus when Cruise got injured while jumping off the roof of a building and colliding with the wall of another building.

"Our first reaction was 'I hope he is okay'. At first, when he did it I thought he was acting. Tom really likes to present Ethan Hunt's stronger abilities. So, I thought it was okay and when he stood then I realised that he is not," McQuarrie told IANS while recalling the moment when the stunt went wrong.

McQuarrie says he "knew right away that his ankle is broken". 

"We have done enough movies and we knew right away how it will impact the production. You learn not to panic. We call a disaster an opportunity to excel.

You take the thing which has gone wrong and use it to your advantage… we shut the production down, I went into the editing room and Tom went to take care of his ankle. And it benefited the film because it allowed us to look at the film and make certain changes.

A lot was written while Tom was recovering... in the end, it all helped the film," he added.

Cruise will be back as IMF agent Ethan Hunt with the sixth part of the Mission Impossible franchise. This time, he is trying to avert the danger which is threatening a large population of three countries.

Pic courtesy: IANS