How to organize a small budget wedding during the coronavirus pandemic

 we all must be  aware of the fact that the outbreak of this deadly virus not only poses a great threat to our health but it is also affecting several aspects of our daily lives. Along with health, the affects of this virus are being felt on the global economy; far beyond the travel, hospitality, airlines and several other industries.  

  With the wedding season fast approaching, the wedding industry too has taken a backseat due to the economic slowdown. Sadly many couples who were suppose to get married are questioning whether they will have to postpone their wedding or will the upcoming ceremony take place as planned.

Well it is obvious that when it comes to hosting a wedding, it is indeed not an easy job as it requires a lot of planning to be done. However with the current situation, the hosts have to consider several factors while deciding whether to postpone the wedding or not.  Those of you, who have decided to postpone the event, you might be disappointed but you must know that by the time your new date comes, these unpleasant feelings will be just a distant memory. On the other hand, if you want  to go ahead with the wedding as planned, then you may have to consider a few things in mind.

1. Follow the guidelines given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)- The first and the foremost thing to do if you decide on hosting your wedding as planned, you must understand and follow the CDC guidelines. You must make all the arranged in order to make sure that your guests are safe.

2. Expect an intimate gathering- With the outbreak of the virus, you will have to limit your guests just to your immediate family members. Apart from the bride and the groom, only the parents, the priest  and  few close family and friends are allowed to attend the wedding.  You also have to make sure that no one who will be at your wedding is sick.

3.  Elderly citizens and people with ill health must stay home- If your guest list has elderly, children and also your loved ones who are more prone to this virus, they should not attend your wedding at any cost. You must tell them to stay at home.

4. Stick to indoor locations- With the outbreak, it is nearly impossible to host a lavish destination wedding or even for that matter in a big community hall close to where you live. The best thing to do is to host your wedding at your house or in a small indoor location, which is close to your house.

5.  Postpone your reception- The best thing to do during the outbreak of the virus, is to host a small wedding and plan on having a lavish reception with everyone you wanted to invite next year.

6. Live stream your event- For your loved ones who are unable to attend your big day, share a live video of your ceremony. Have one of your siblings or close cousins set up a Facebook or Instagram live streaming of your wedding.

7. Maintain social distance- Remind your guests about keeping distance from one another. Refrain from hugging, kissing and handshaking.

8. Practice hygiene at all times- Inform all your guests and family members who are going to attend your wedding to practice hygiene at all times during the event. Keep a hand sanitizer at the entrance and the food stations, ask your guests to wash their hands throughly.

9. Food and Drinks- Coming to the food and drinks, it might be a difficult to serve a buffet meal as this might potentially put your guests and family at risk. Talk to your caterer and see what’s the next best alternative to do.

10. Decorate the venue with whatever is available- Those of you who have thought about a grand decoration with flowers being imported from other parts of the world must reconsider your plans as the virus definitely may hinder your florist’s ability to deliver fresh flowers. The best thing you can do is to decorate your venue with whatever is available, hence you must talk to your florists and select a design that does not require purchase of new products.

11. Select your bridal outfit virtually- Unfortunately keeping the current scenario in mind, you may not be able to have the traditional store experience as several designer stores are closed. However the good news is that you can still be able to shop for your outfit virtually. Many designers are connecting virtually with the brides-to-be through FaceTime. If your one of those people who like to try on a few outfits before selecting the one you love the most, designers and brands are offering programs that ship wedding gowns and bridesmaid outfits to your door step. What are you waiting for? Go online and check out some of these designers and pick the best outfit for your big day.

12. Wedding favours- Wedding favours indeed add a personal touch to your wedding. Think of ways to give back to your society during these difficult times. A great way to help the ones in need is setting up charity wedding favors. All the guests who will attend your wedding  ask them to donate to the ones that need the most during these difficult times. Think about donating to hospitals and healthcare workers, who are facing a shortage of essential necessities due to the coronavirus. You  and your friends, family may also donate to other organizations that are working tirelessly to help the ones in need.  Organizations like -  Save the Children, The center for Disaster Philanthropy, John Hopkins covid-19 response, Meals on wheels, Artists and several others are working towards uplifting the condition of people who have been most affected due to this virus.

-Akhila Kakarala