How to Look Like A Diva

From eye makeup to the bouffant hairdo, the glamourous look and style that spell ‘diva’ have always fascinated women. Whether it’s Oscar night or any other extravaganza, all eyes are on these gorgeous celebrities who glide down the red carpet, either paying homage to the classics that never go out of style, or flaunting the latest trends. This week we check out the hot trends in makeup that can give you that diva look you’ve always wanted.

Bright and loud colours are in this season; from eye makeup to lip and nail colours, and even the blush-on. Whacky lip colours like hot pinks and oranges, aqua blues and greens are making waves among celebs. Megan Fox has been spotted flaunting hot pink lipstick, and Christina Aguilera recently rocked a neon fuchsia. Neon shades for the lips and nails complement bright shades of clothing. But choose a lip colour that blends well with the rest of your makeup. If you are sporting a bright lipstick shade, tone down your eye makeup. Use a lip liner to accentuate the shape of your lips, even making them fuller for that perfect pout. Use a brush to apply the lip colour, and add a dash of gloss for the evenings.

The half moon manicure is what’s ‘in’ for the nails, and celebs such as Rihanna are sporting these in bright colours. Black, or red with white have always topped the list of favourites for the nails, but now combinations like gold with silver, and pink and white are becoming popular. While these shades blend in with the bright colours for the day, reds, pinks and whites are still strong choices for the evening.


The shimmery look is the perfect way to highlight your best features. A smoky look with a dash of shimmery dust is a great way to emphasize the depth of the eyes. To get the smoky look, use soft black kohl to mark the contours of the upper eyelid. Using a soft cotton bud, gently smudge the kohl evenly across the eyelid and apply a dash of shimmer. Choose a good mascara for the lashes as the final touch. For an extra touch of magic, use a little golden dust just under the eyebrow.

Apply a slightly sheer blush-on along the cheekbones to complete the stylish look.

While keeping the mane short and chic is trendy, variations like layers and fringes are popular too. For a bold look, try the stylish asymmetric-symmetric look. If you prefer sporting long hair, tying it up in a tight, high pony not only highlights your makeup but also gives a very glamorous effect. For the evenings, long hair is best left open; or to give it a different look, try crimping.

Complete the glam statement with the latest fashion accessories and you are all set to turn heads as you make your grand entrance!

For the daytime diva look - Apply a good sunscreen as a base. Use a sheer tone of brown for the eyes and lips. Shades of brown are very effective on the eyes with a dash of mascara, especially when completed with a touch of kohl or eyeliner for highlighting. Go heavier on the gloss for the lips, and add a hint of bronze on the cheekbones. For the hair, think casual glam with an up-do. Complete the look with a pair of statement sunglasses and a complementing handbag or tote.

For evening elegance- Start by moisturising the face before applying the base. Mixing an illuminator with the base foundation gives a radiant effect. For the evenings, go heavy on the eye makeup- the kohl, eyeliner and mascara- and keep the eye shadow to a minimum. Add a touch of shimmery bronze to highlight the cheekbones, and use a slightly lower toned lip colour. Complementing accessories complete the look, and you’re good to go!