How KENT Aura Is The Right Air Purifier For A Healthy Home

CADR is simply the king when it comes to air purifiers. The higher the delivery rate, the better the air purifier. Having said that, many other factors decide the efficiency of an air purifier. To be honest, choosing among the options available is no easy task. But, there are a few brands that are market leaders in the air purifier industry. The service and the products offered are exceptional and well backed with awarranty. One such brand is KENT. Providinga number of air purifiers keeping in mind the present scenario of pollution in the air, KENT’s products are doing exceptionally well, especially KENT Aura Air Purifier. Don’t believe it? Here, we have listed the amazing benefits of KENT Aura Air Purifier that makes it the right choice for a healthy home. Look!
1. It effectively removes 99.97% of particles, less than 0.3 microns in diameter, through an intense four-stage purification process.

2. The installed filter traps and removes large particulate matter with high-efficiency. It arrests particles like cob-webs, debris, pet/human hair, and any other kind of dust particles.

3 The specially treated carbon filter has a honeycomb structure that is filled with specially treated activated carbon with high-grade absorptive value. It helps in increasing life of the filter while  providing best results.

4. The specially treated carbon filter efficiently arrests pollutants like VOC, foul smell, Hydrocarbons, etc.

5. The Anti-bacterial coated HEPA filter, developed with superior Japanese technology, traps suspended particulate matter (SPM) as small as 0.3 microns. In addition, it also traps pollen, allergens, fine dust, and cigarette smoke effectively.

6.  The intelligent air quality monitoring option helps in knowing how pure the air inside the room is and how well the filter is functioning.

7. The filter change indicator helps identify when the filter stopsfunctioningwell, and the air inside the house is no longer in its purest form.

8. The user-friendly, safe, and convenient designs are other features that make this product a must-have appliance for home. Also, it is suitable for installation in a room size of up to 270 sq. ft.

9. The high-purifying capacity helps in purifying the air in the room instantly.

10 KENT Aura is designed with a one-touch child lock feature which makes it safe to use around children and refrain them from any unnecessary fiddling with the product.

After looking at these 10 amazing features of KENT Aura, it will be an understatement to say that this the right air purifier for a healthy home but the best one. Any house with pregnant women, elderlies, kids, and asthma patients must have an air purifier in all parts of the house. This step will keep all members of the family away from toxic air full of pollutants while ensuring health.