How Govinda inspires daughter Tina Ahuja

Veteran Bollywood star Govinda celebrated his 56th birthday on Saturday. On the occasion, his daughter, actress Tina Ahuja, revealed the numerous ways in which Bollywood's dancing wonder inspires her.

"Dad inspires me every day and in every way. It is difficult for me to express how he inspires me. Right from his passion towards his work and his sincerity towards his work, to the way he keeps himself balanced in all kinds of situations in life there are a lot of things about him that inspire me. He is just too sorted in his head and too chilled out. He is so secure as a person and that's what I really like about him," she said. Tina also shared the veteran star's advice to her. "The best advice he has given me is that just have fun and be honest towards whatever you do. Whether it is a big thing or small, always give your 100 per cent," she recalled.

On birthday celebrations, Tina revealed: "Dad is actually not a gift person at all. The only thing he wants is that we are healthy and exercising, we are working hard and looking good, that's the best gift he feels that we have for him."


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