How to develop good habits in 21 days

Have you ever thought of cultivating a good habit, but never had  time to work on it? Perhaps you must have been overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort required to develop a new and healthy habit. But guess what,  after all its not that difficult, just follow the 21/90 rule. It is a popular method to build new habits.

The 21/90 rule is quite simple. All you have to do is to cultivate a healthy habit and stick to it for the next 21 days. Once you have established the routine of sticking to your new habit, you must continue to do it for the next ninety days until it becomes a permanent lifestyle change.

In this article let us see a few healthy habits to develop in 21 days:

  1. Work on three things that need the most help- Take some time off for yourself and think about the three most important things that are essential and work towards getting better at them. Whether it is relationships or work stress, spend sometime and think about how to become better at handling relationships or even working better under stressful conditions. Everyday make it a habit to work on three things that are important to you and at the end of the ninety days, you'll notice a significant progress.
  2. Find a hobby that brings joy- In today’s fast paced lifestyle, stress has taken a huge toll on health. One effective way to combat stress is to cultivate a hobby that brings joy. Whether it might be painting, gardening or baking, follow the 21/90 rule and make  a habit of indulging in some kind of activity that you enjoy most.  

List of some habits: meditating, making new friends, reading books, exercising, quitting smoking (for smokers), spending time with loved ones, sticking to your skincare routine, waking up early, and eating nutritious food.

-Akhila Kakarala and Pic Courtesy: