Hotel Chocolat First Beauty Product

Luxury British chocolatier and cocoa grower, Hotel Chocolat founded in the year 2004 is the only company in UK which has its own cocoa plantation. The brand is now venturing into the cosmetic industry with a wide range of beauty products.

Hotel Chocolat will be introducing its first beauty range The Rabot 1745, consisting of 16 pieces in collaboration with Andrew Gerrie. The limited edition collection consists of the body lotions, butters and hand creams for enriching the skin, products such as the body mask, scrub and perfume for perfect skin, and the collection also includes  peach chocolate, almond chocolate, honey chocolate and fruited chocolate flavoured lip balms.


The exclusive collection is inspired by the beauty of Saint Lucian cacao plantation consisting of rich variety of flora and fauna. However there is no news on when the products will be available for sale.


  -Akhila Kakarala
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