Hostellers’ Staple Food

Staying away from home is quite challenging but staying away from home-food is a task in itself.  As a result, hostellers are constantly in search of food which reminds them of home; however they manage their way out with a few staple foods which they can hog on.
Noodles- from cup noodles to Maagi burji  hostellers are always up for noodles. Also, these dishes are easy to make and one doesn’t really need their culinary skills to be showcased.  Moreover, these products are found in small grocery stores nearby.
Bread and Nutella-   Bread can be named as the staple food for most of the hostellers as it can be preserved for more than a week.  One can have it with Jam or Mayonnaise or cheese or incase of chocolate lovers, Nutella.
Soup- Another food which does not take much of your time is instant soup, which is easy to make and very easy to find or store. Hostellers can add their own ingredients and make it taste more like home made.

Snacks- with all those hectic work and group assignments, hostellers will want something to munch on and snacks like Haldirams, Nachos, sandwiches, and cup cakes cater to that need.  Assignments, Gossip, laughter with some fine snacks will make a hostellers life worthwhile.

..... Sneha