Horizon Studios Unveils The First-Ever Zero-G Suitcase

Horizn Studios, a company specialized in smart luggage and premium travel accessories, has come up with a cool suitcase designed for space travelling in zero gravity. The Zero G suitcase was designed in collaboration with Alyssa Carson, the world’s youngest astronaut under training.

Titled Horizn ONE, this stunning suitcase comes with several interesting features. Since it was designed for zero gravity, it comes with a flexible, ultralight carbon fibre shell enhanced with graphene, an electromagnetic baseplate, biometric security, a smart screen on the side, wireless charging and a weird sounding ‘bacteriostatic technology’ which promises to keep clothes fresh.

The graphene-enhanced structure gives flexibility to the case and also makes it a lot lighter than any suitcase ever created, reaching an estimated top weight of 900 grams. The electromagnetic base will allow the suitcase to be secured on the floor or walls of a spacecraft during zero-gravity flights. The case comes as well with extendable straps, which will allow it to be carried like a backpack. The in-built smart screen will allow for quick connections with those far away, and the biometric security will allow for fingerprint recognition of the case’s owner. 

With Horizn expecting to deliver their first space range of suitcases by 2030, Horizn One will become the first and most advanced suitcase in the world with a price of $50000.   - Web: Luxatic

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