World Health Day 2021 : Ways to stay healthy while stuck at home

here are some ways to stay healthy while stuck at home

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Get Your Green On!

With everyone becoming more aware of our ecosystem and environment in the last decade, eco-friendly and sustainable ways of living have been on the rise. Everyone across the globe is trying to make their homes greener and less toxic. One of the best ways to do this, given space constraints in most homes today, is to have a vertical green wall. Green walls are systems which will allow you to grow plants inside your home without occupying too much floor space. It is now possible to have a large number of live plants without encroaching on the built-up area.

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A MINIMAL TURN (Jaideep and Latha Reddy’s house)

Traditional and contemporary, formal and informal, colourful and minimal, cosy and elegant, dressed up and dressed down –Jaideep and Latha Reddy’s house is all about juxtaposition.

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