Homeopathy Highs!

Homeopathy has been around for ages. But Dr. S. Ramachandra Reddy and Dr. Milind R. Bhatt have brought a whole new perspective to this traditional field of medicine, which has been making waves in the city and across the country.

The power of the mind over the body is a significant element in homeopathy. Both Dr. Ramachandra and Dr. Milind agree that it is crucial for a patient to speak up about his/her condition in order to be prescribed a treatment that gets to the root of the illness, which could be a mental or emotional issue. Dr. Ramachandra explains, “It is kind of like a ‘You and I’ concept through which the treatment is recommended by getting to know the patient on a personal basis.” Dr. Ramachandra tells us about homeopathy treatments for the skin, while Dr. Milind explains his method of treating patients through dream analysis.

Skin Solutions

According to Dr. Ramachandra, the more we worry about how we look and our appearance, the worse is the effect on our skin. Enjoying blemish-free skin, thick lustrous hair and a serene state of mind is what we’re all looking for. For some of us, homoeopathy can help us achieve all three.

Dr. Ramachandra says that homoeopathy is well suited to treating afflictions relating to the skin and hair. “Equally concerned are patients who come for treatments such as tanning, pigmentation, blemishes, scars, blackheads and acne,” he notes. Homeopathy offers solutions in the form of both external and internal medication that cure ailments from within, and are highly dependent on a person’s skin type and texture.

Dr. Ramachandra mentions a few prescriptions that help treat blemishes, dark circles and pimples. These include medorhinum, sepia and pulsatilla, which can be easily found on the market in pill form. When it comes to treating warts, thuja can be taken either orally or applied externally over the affected area. Other creams and ointments that are good for the skin are aloe vera and beriberi ointment. As for those with hair loss problems, Dr. Ramachandra recommends natrum mur, causticum and calcarea card, which are also available in pill form.

Your Wildest Dreams

Since homeopathy is deeply connected with the inner state of the patient, Dr. Milind uses dream interpretation to assess a person’s emotional state. He then treats the emotional disturbance, which is often linked to the physical ailment the patient is suffering from. The correct homoeopathic medicine is then prescribed to the patient, based on this thorough evaluation.

Dr. Milind’s examination includes asking his patients about their nature, their current mental or emotional state and their dreams. However, he cautions, “Not everyone opens up easily with someone new, but there have also been many instances where the person does not even know himself completely. That is where the power of dreams comes in.” Asked about the reliability of the method, Dr. Milind adds, “Dreams always reveal the inner self. From the conscious to the subconscious state of mind, no matter how trivial they may seem, dreams are a means of venting emotions.”

He recalls an incident in which a lady had come to him with her skin covered in black splotches. Dr. Milind asked her to describe her dreams. The lady said she had a recurring dream in which she made pickle. Gradually, the oil in the pickle vanished. The pickle became dry and black until worms began to form. Dr. Milind’s interpretation of the dream was that the pickle represented the lady’s life and her personal relationships. Oil, the preserving ingredient of the pickle, represented the love and affection in her life. But as the oil dried up and vanished, the pickle went black, as did the love of her life. The lady later admitted to having had an affair, which was the reason her marriage went awry and eventually ended.

“You invite disease into your system by the state of your mind,” concludes Dr. Milind. He treated her emotional imbalance and stress, and soon after the black patches disappeared!

Nowadays, homeopathy is being used to evaluate and treat all sorts of problems. The processes of examination have become extremely innovative and often yield effective and surprising results. So the next time you have a bizarre dream, think twice before brushing it off!