Home Remedies to say Goodbye to Blemishes

Simple home remedies to say goodbye to blemishes

Banana peel: Banana peel helps in reducing the dark spots or pigmentation on the skin, take a ripe banana and gently rub the inside of its skin on the dark spots for 10 min and leave it until it dries and wash it.

Grated potato: Starch rich potatoes are one of the best remedy to reduce pigmentation and dark circles. Grate a small potato and extract its juice, soak a small cotton into the juice and apply it all over the skin and have it for 15-20 min and wash it with plain water, repeat this process every day for best results.

Rose water and sandalwood: Equal amounts of rose water and lime juice with two tablespoons of sandalwood mixture helps in reducing blemishes on the face. Apply this mixture all over face and neck for 10-15 min and leave it until its dries up and wash it with plain water.