Holistic Healing Touch

For many of us, December 2015 will be remembered for the floods in Chennai. The havoc and destruction they wreaked was a cruel reminder of what humankind will face if we interfere with the natural flow and harmony that should exist in nature. Blocking the natural flow of water bodies through manmade constructions, without heed to long-term consequences, will give us a rude shock one day. Any imbalance in nature always brings unforeseen and untold misery.
The same law of nature applies to the human body. Mind, body and soul need to be in harmony for a human being to lead a happy, healthy and stress-free life. While the body is designed to be a self-repairing and self-correcting machine, we frequently do not let it function that way, what with our unhealthy lifestyles, irregular food habits and highly negative emotional patterns of thinking that create imbalances and disharmonies. These result in blocking the natural flow of oxygen, blood, energy, nutrients and waste materials in our bodies. Those parts of the body that do not receive adequate resources to function properly, over time, and after years of trying to cope, finally break down and give rise to various diseases.

To restore balance and proper energy flow in the body and remove diseases, any imbalances and blockages need to be identified, removed and maintained that way. This helps the cells, muscles, tissues, organs and systems regain their natural and proper functioning, and leads to a gradual restoration of health.
Siddha Practitioner 
Is such a natural line of treatment possible, and are there practitioners who are trained in this approach? The answer to both questions is yes. Ms. Sathya Sindhuja, a trained Siddha practitioner, and her dedicated team, are doing precisely this. They work to restore health among those suffering from a range of diseases like arthritis, spinal problems like cervical and lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, knee problems, heel pain, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, autism, polio, sinus, migraine and acidity, all without any medication! At the Chakrasiddh Centre in Begumpet, Hyderabad, many of these problems can be treated within three weeks. No medicines are given, so there are no side effects.
In the words of a woman who was suffering from cervical spondylosis and sciatica, “I could not do my daily activities like chopping vegetables, cooking, stirring or writing for long. I used to have swelling in my shoulders, limbs and even fingers, and would get headaches because of stiffness in the shoulders. I was not able to travel for a long time. After the treatment, I am able to perform all my chores happily. I walk 5 kilometres a day without any problem; I do not have frequent headaches and swellings and am able to enjoy my cooking. The treatment process is painful for about 10 minutes max but, as they say, there is no gain without pain. The environment at the centre is such that we laugh even in pain.”
Siddha Vaidyam is an ancient healing technique 
Sathya Sindhuja has been working as a Siddha practitioner for over 23 years. At four she was inducted into this system of healing by her grandmother; by the age of 12 she had completed her training. She explains the concept behind the Siddha treatment being imparted at the centre.
“Siddha Vaidyam is an ancient healing technique practised in India. It is a combination of Nadi Vaidyam and Marma Chikitsa (or Varma Chikitsa). Nadis are energy channels in the body. There are 72,000 energy channels. They are connected to energy points called marmanis that have a rich supply of nerves. The nadis and the marmanis can be stimulated by touch and pressure. Using a combination of gentle strokes and deep pressure on the nadis and marmanis, a Siddha practitioner can remove the blockages in the energy channels and around bones, nerves, tissues and blood vessels. This enables the removal of toxins, improves the supply of oxygen and blood to the affected parts, and stimulates the natural healing process while alleviating the pain.”
“Before taking up a case, we examine the X-rays and other medical reports, and take the person’s complete case history. The method of treatment is explained and any doubts are addressed. The treatment is very specific to each individual, as energy blockages differ from person to person. During the treatment, the patient should lead a sattvic life, and refrain from alcohol, smoking and non-vegetarian food. After the treatment, the patient should maintain a proper lifestyle to enjoy continued good health.”
“Mind and body need to be aligned for healing to take place. Since the treatment is at a very subtle energy level, the patient needs to cooperate, have a calm disposition and have faith in the healing outcome; otherwise s/he will block the energy changes taking place and affect the healing process. The goal is to remove the root cause of the disease, not merely suppress the symptoms.”
“These ancient techniques must be preserved for future generations, and I would like to spread awareness of this therapy and reach out to as many persons as possible. I firmly believe that each person is entitled to live a healthy, pain-free life.”
A gentle, permanent and holistic healing approach is available at the fingertips of the Chakrasiddh team. May more and more benefit from this treatment.