Holi Special: Simple Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair

Holi has arrived and we all are very thrilled to get drenched in splash of vivid colors but in midst of the fun ride we often overlook the harmful effects of the chemical colors caused on our skin and hair. These chemical ridden colors are detrimental for our skin and health. Skin allergies and rashes are another common problems caused by the colors. Problems can get aggravated if you wash off you colors harshly and briskly post holi.
Holi also leaves one totally exhausted as a deep fatigue sets in after the festivity gets over.
Avoid using harsh colors and instead use organic colors. Organic colors don’t contain any toxic components which are safe and a better choice, also organic colors are easily available in the market and can be prepared easily. As far as the colours used are concerned during Holi. people have many choices to go for ranging from natural to organic colours. Many chemical based colours are also available in the market which are very harsh and chemically react with one’s hair and skin. They create a chemical coating on the skin, hair and even the scalp which is a sensitive part of the body. Natural colours which are made from flowers or plants on which no kind of pesticide has been used are safe to use.
People who have sensitive or highly dehydrated skin or are suffering from any hormonal imbalances like thyroid should avoid playing Holi with such colours as it can create havoc with their skin. Such people should be on a preventive measure at least 15 days before the festival. They should use either tea tree or lavender oil in their bath and soak themselves for minimum 30 minutes twice daily. This will protect them from most of the harmful effects of Holi.
Normally people shampoo, bleach and then colour their hair to remove the colours that get deposited in their hair. But harsh colours do not wash away that easily. Due to the chemicals even your scalp becomes infected and bleaching will only exaggerate the condition which may result in getting rashes. Also as a side affects your hair may start getting grey at an early age. Instead go for a mild shampoo and use curd as a conditioner for 3-4 days regularly. This will not only condition your hair but also detoxify and clean your hair without causing any damage.
Similarly to remove the colour people go for using harsh scrubs on their skin like apricot and walnut scrubs.
After your holi fun is over you can go for refreshing and invigorating spa if you want to go for full body spa then chocolate spa is the most excellent. Apart from that include lots of fruit juices like pineapple, orange and strawberry which will relax and stimulate all your body senses. Make a point to give yourself proper sleep before going for any of these treatments
To protect your skin, go for a mixture of 1 tablespoon each of coconut oil and olive oil and add to it a teaspoon of castor oil. Apply this mixture all over your skin before playing Holi. Make sure you apply it on the ears as well and the area behind the ears. You can also apply sunscreen after applying the mixture to prevent tanning.
You can also apply aloe vera based soothing creams to make a protective layer on your skin and prevent it to come in contact with your skin. This will also help in getting stubborn colors washed off effortlessly
Protecting your lips from damage of colors is also imperative and you can put on a good layer of lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and protected
Avoid applying any kind of makeup before playing holi. But For nails, apply nail polish on both the hand and feet to keep them off colors. Also, apply Vaseline or any petroleum jelly in the inner side of nails and on the back of your ears.
Protect your hair by applying oil before going out to play with colors. Applying oil protects you scalp as well as strands from getting damaged from harmful effects of colors.
Keep your hair tied in a braid or a bun to minimize the contact of color with your hair. Rather than using soap to wash off the colors, use gel or cream based cleansers.  You can use natural cleansers such as Aloe Vera gel to clean the color from body. Milk is also, a very good cleanser, you can make a mixture of milk and besan and apply it all over your body to get the color off.   After that wash color with the help of Aloe Vera gel, it will also sooth your skin. Malai is another excellent option for getting rid of colours.
Use some mild shampoo to wash your hair. It’s a must to apply conditioner after shampooing your hair. You can also wash your hair with curd and lemon juice.
The most important thing is don’t rub your skin too briskly to remove the colors as it will only damage your skin and cause rashes or allergies.
So just follow these tips and you are good to play with colors as much as you want to without worrying about the after effects.