High On Life - Ranveer Singh

The heartthrob of the nation, Ranveer Singh has made waves in Bollywood with his vivacious energy, bindaas attitude, and quirky style. He is currently shooting full swing for his upcoming film, Padmavati, and everyone is eager to see him in the royal avatar yet again. Read on as he gets candid about his work life.

You have an enviable energy—people say you’re like a self renewing battery, and this image extends to your films and television commercials too...
I don’t think I have any set image and I don’t want one either. If I think I’m getting a particular image, I try and break it. I find it very important to keep the audience guessing and keep them on their toes. Versatility is very high on the list of things I want to achieve. If I am able to do Band Baaja Baraat then I should also be able to do a Lootera. My television commercials and the brands I endorse are completely different from each other. I don’t like to be tagged. I try to keep things light and humorous, which sometimes gets misconstrued.

What’s the craziest thing you have done for a character?
I often do crazy things, but only when it is required for a character. For instance, when we were shooting for a movie, there were major portions where I had to walk around like I have been shot on my hip. I have never been shot and so I was confused as to how I could project this. So, I spoke to some army guys and kind of understood what it feels like. I felt there should be a starting point of pain, which can further be amplified while acting it out. I would staple that area, which would hurt a lot and in half an hour, the portion would go numb and I wouldn’t feel anything. Then, whenever the camera rolled, I would remove the pins and enact the scene. Oh god! It used to pain like hell. But now when I watch my movies, I find everything to be quite convincing (laughs). Because right from the tip of my toe to the head, I used to be in excruciating pain. A lot of people ask why I do such things and the only thing I can say is, it’s because I don’t know any better.

What’s the one advantage you have over others in this profession?
I can’t change my personality for anyone. I am very honest and open about a lot of things. I can never be diplomatic. Just that, after being around for some years, there are a few things that I am not comfortable talking about. Like, I don’t allow people to shoot or take pictures inside my house. I don’t want my family to get into the media glare, because that’s one advantage I’ve got over other people, the fact that my family comes from a normal background. So, I don’t want them to get caught up in this fast and fancy life that comes along with this profession.

How is it to be working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali yet again?
Sanjay Leela Bhansali always manages to extract great performances from his actors; it’s just a gift that he has. This marks the third time I’m working with him, after
great successes like Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela and the magnum opus, Bajirao Mastani. I run out of words when I try to describe the way he is with actors. I truly regard him as one of the greatest filmmakers of Hindi cinema in all time. His form and flamboyance are unique to him and there are some things that only he can do.

How would you describe yourself?
I don’t do anything just for the sake of it or live my life for the sake of it. I’m not really old and I’m not really wise; I’ve just started a career, but in my limited experience, I understand the value of opportunities and the fragility of life in general. When I hurt my back while shooting for one of my films, I was lying there not knowing if I could dance or do action ever again. I couldn’t even stand on my feet. Later, I was down with dengue and I hit rock bottom. Then, I lost a very close friend and that’s when I realised not to take life and life’s opportunities for granted. I treat every movie I do as the last one… every ad I do is like the last one I’ll ever do.