High Intensity Workout Routine: Insanity

Exercise is on everyone’s to-do list...and the word is no longer just associated with getting a six- or eight-pack, or even an hour-glass figure. Getting fit and, more importantly, staying fit is the new mantra. Fitness trainer Jaideep Arle talks about a high intensity workout routine –Insanity. It’s a powerhouse regime to get and stay fighting fit!

The name provides some clue; Insanity is a highly intense routine that combines body weight exercises, plyometrics, kick-boxing and weight training. Whew! Just the thought of all that can make you break into a sweat if you are not into working out regularly. Be sure to consult your physician before you decide to follow this regime.

What you need:

  • Bottle of water
  • Hand towel
  • A heart rate monitor (if possible)
  • Loads of adrenaline!

Warm up:

The routine starts with seven to eight minutes of warm up. Throw in about 10minutes of stretching, too. A warm up before every routine is mandatory as it helps loosen up the muscles and prepare the body for the work out to follow.


The warm up routine includes a set of seven exercises, described below. Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds, and then you transition to the next on the list, without taking a break in-between.

  •  Spot jog: Stand in place and jog, bringing your knees close to your chest.
  • Jumping jacks: Standing in one place, jump and spread your feet wide apart and hold both hands above your head. Next, jump and place both your feet together, and bring your hands next to your hips. Repeat alternately.
  • High knees: Bring your knee close to your chest while jumping. Alternate legs.
  • Heismann: This calls for moving sideways with a jump. Jump to the right while landing on your right foot. Repeat with left foot. Repeat.
  • 123 Heismann: Same as above, but include an extra step to each side.
  • Butt kicks: This is similar to the spot jog. Try and touch your butt with your heel with every jog. Instead of a pat on the back for your effort, it is a kick on your butt for working out!
  • Mummy kicks: Stretch out your arms parallel to the ground. While moving the legs alternately (criss-crossing), move your arms in like you would work a pair of scissors.

Now you’re all warmed up. Take a breather (but keep it short!) and have a small drink of water.


Now it’s time to start the insane part of the workout! Each exercise below should be performed for one minute each. So, take a deep breath and let’s get started.

  • Power jumps: These are similar to jumping jacks, but squat down when you jump with your legs spread apart and elbows touching the knees.
  • Push-up jacks: Lie on the ground in the push-up position with your arms and forearms at a 90-degree angle. While going down, spread your legs and when you raise your body, pull your legs together again.
  • Level 1 drill: Do an on-the-spot sprint for 20 counts. Immediately go into a push-up position and do four push-ups. Staying in the same position, pull each knee towards your chest for 20 counts.
  • Cross jacks: These are also similar to jumping jacks, but with every jump, criss-cross your legs.
  • Three-direction kicks: As the name suggests, here you need to do three different types of kicks, alternating front, sideways and a back kicks. Repeat eight times.
  • 80-20 squats: Here, you need to shift 80% of your body weight onto one leg, and the remaining 20% onto the other leg. This 20% weight should be on the ball of the foot with the heel pointing up. Once in position, do 15 squats. For the next 15 squats, you have to be airborne– that is, jump, between each squat. Shift your weight from one leg to the other and repeat.
  • Cross-mountain climbers: No, we don’t head to the hills for a trek here, but the experience will make you huff and puff just as much. Get into a push-up position with your right leg in. With a jump, switch from one leg to the other. Repeat.
  • Suicide drills: Stand upright with your hands over your head. Then bend forward with the knees and reach the floor. With your palms completely on the floor, jump to your right, keeping both legs together. Jump back, stand up and repeat on the left side.
  • Twist combo: Stand with your back straight, elbows close to your body, forearms flexed out and feet together. Jump and twist your lower body, keeping the upper portion unmoved. First, jump to your left. Come back to the starting position and then jump to your right. Continue for 30 seconds, twist your entire body 180 degrees and repeat again for another 30 seconds.
  • Hot foot: Like a cat on a hot stove, this involves a lot of hopping! Keeping your back upright, lift your left knee into the air by bending it. With your body weight on the other leg, jump in four directions (right, left, back and forward) for 30 seconds. Repeat with other leg.
  • Monster truck tires: Imagining four monster truck tires in front of you; jump in and out of each tire four times.

Now take a deep breath and start your cool down workout. And remember not to gulp water; take small sips.

This regimen is intense, so consulting your physician before beginning this routine is a MUST. If you feel any pain during the programme, stop immediately. Happy workout!

-as told to Pallavi