Hermès PARIS

Hermès International S.A., or simply Hermès is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. It specialises in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear. Its logo since the 1950s is of a Duc carriage with horse and the current creative director is Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski.

The company’s scarf designers spend years creating new print patterns that are individually screen-printed. Hermès recently launched their Autumn/Winter collection of Scarves 2019, and here’s a peek! This winter, step out in style with scarves around your neck, or your bag! Check out these oh-so-pretty scarves of their autumn/winter collection:

Bold wearing styles:

Fold it, tie it, or start all over again. With each new way a scarf is worn, a style is invented: urban Apache, bold warrior or ultra-colourful lover. Place your bet and bank on carrés, bandanas, twillys or gavroches. The 70x70 scarf makes its comeback and invites new games in a wide range of shades: graphic and contrasting, vibrant in warm colours, or softened in smoky tones. Simply knotted into a neckerchief, it connects with every look.

La Cité cavalière

As seen from above, this design by Octave Marsal is freely inspired by an engraving from the 17th century, giving a bird’s-eye view of a dreamlike Paris, the contours of an imaginary River Seine forming the silhouette of a horse. Can you spot a saddle, a horseshoe, or bridle, artfully concealed like items in a treasure hunt?

Brides de Gala Shadow scarf 45

This is a scarf in silk twill with hand-rolled edges (100% silk). It can go perfectly in your hair, around your neck or on a bag. Multiple contours form a colourful halo of light around the Brides de gala design, creating a sense of depth and revealing its expressive power. Enveloped in this shadow of colour, the motif appears to radiate energy. Its reputation remains as strong as ever, reborn and reinvented since its creation by Hugo Grygkar in 1957.

When it comes to this icon of the house of Hermès, anything goes! No matter how wild the imagination that transforms it, Brides de gala retains the originality and intensity that make it unique and instantly recognisable.