Here's Why You Should Buy a Chilla and Dosa Maker

South Indian food is loved by all and dosa and chilla are probably the most popular dishes. While some prefer heading to any popular South Indian restaurant to give their cravinga break othersare talented enough to prepare them easily at home. So, if you are one of the later, here we have some good news for you. Buying a chilla and dosa maker would get the job done faster and the process smooth, hygienic and hassle-free. Even if you are a cooking novice, you will easily be able to impress your family and friendsby preparing yummy South Indian and continental dishes for her. Worried that the dosa making machine price would burn a hole in your pocket? Well, no. It will fall right in your budget and would make your South Indian cuisine days easier. Still not convinced? Here we have listed the amazing features of a chilla and dosa maker. Take a look!

Features of a Chilla and Dosa Maker
Healthy and Oil-Free Cooking

People have become extremely health and diet conscious. They keep a tab on their daily calorie intake and make sure that everything they eat has less oil or is completely oil-free. So, if you and your wife are health conscious, bringing home a chilla and dosa maker would make it easier for both of you to enjoy healthy, oil-free and tasty snacks while following yourdiet schedule.

Easy Cooking
If you don’tpossess great cooking skills, preparing a dosa, chilla, omelette or maybe a crepe on a regular pan would be quite difficult for you. To make your life simple, cooking enjoyable and most importantly to increase the number of surprises for your better half after she returns home from a hectic day at work, bring home a chilla and dosa maker.

Easy to Clean, Handle and Store
Yes, we agree, there are many appliances available in the market that look easy to operate but after they are home, handling, storing and most importantly cleaning them becomes a hassle. However, with a chilla and dosa maker, you can be sure of the easy cleaning, storage and handling. The thoughtful design makes it easy for anyone to clean it while the unique shape lets you store it away it with ease.

Perfect Shape
Giving your dosas and chillas the perfect shape is no easy task, especially, if you are a beginner level cook.However, with this fantastic appliance at your disposal, even you can impress your better half by presenting her a plate decorated with perfectly round and crisp dosas or any other dish that you are preparing. Time to win her heart?

Packed with aplethora of features, bringing home a chilla and dosa maker would instantly make your life easy. A quick solution for chilla, omelette and dosa cravings, this smart appliance would become your instant favourite. Not only this, it’s the perfect solution for those lazy days when no one in the family wants to indulge in heavy cooking and wishes to have a light, healthy and delicious treat.

- Ruchir Chauhan
The views presented in this article belong to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of You & I.