Here’s How to Avoid Gaining Weight This Diwali

It’s that time of the year again. Festivals bring happiness and allow one to spend quality time with friends and family. However, it is difficult to resist the sumptuous treats that are laid out for everyone to enjoy during this time.

After the festive season, many people spend a lot of time trying to lose the holiday weight they had put on. We lay down a few tips to avoid the festival food hangover:

Don’t feel compelled to eat everything
Festival food comes in all types of flavours and hues, and you will want to eat a little of everything. Don’t give in to that temptation! Filling up your plate with mounds of ghee-laden sweets and deep-fried savouries is a sure way of adding inches to your waistline. Instead, practice discretion and eat just a select few items -- the host won’t mind.

Just one serving, please!
Walking back to the table for a second (and third servings) may add to your daily steps but will do nothing for your health. Restrict yourself to just one small serving of the festive snacks, if you want to avoid gaining weight.

Reduce other calories
Have an evening of revelry planned with friends and family? Make sure you’re not eating much during the day. You can also try Intermittent Fasting on the day of the social gathering. What that means is that you restrict yourself to low-calorie foods or zero-calorie beverages during the day and reserve the bulk of your day’s caloric intake for the evening.

But what happens if you do fall off the wagon and stuff yourself silly during the festival? Well, it’s not the end of the world. Just go right back to your diet the next day. Don’t let a bad day of eating turns into a bad week or month.

Yummy yet fit-n-fab snacks
Besides the madness of burning crackers, the festival of lights is synonymous with delicious Indian sweets and snacks, specially prepared for the occasion. Here is the list of four such health snacks that you can munch on:

Oat Idli
Diwali breakfast is awaited throughout the year. And starting this day with deep-fried awesomeness is so good, not! Instead, start the day with Oats, a high-fibre alternative to rice and lentils that makes for a perfectly delicious and healthy breakfast for such an occasion. Add some nuts and veggies in the mix to twist this delicious tweak.

One snack that can stimulate anyone’s taste buds just by its mere mention is – chaatand the best fit for a virtual party. Be it a fruit chaat, potato chaat or corn chaat, an addition of flavourful spices and tangy lemon can give a boost to all of them. It is a healthy, guilt-free chaat full with the goodness of tomatoes, peanuts and spices along with mouth-watering coriander chutney, cumin powder and a handful of pomegranates scattered on top.

Popcorn is a great taashparty snack and is also a tad healthier. It is a healthy whole grain snack that has fibre and protein. This Deepawali, satisfy your taste buds with healthy and flavoured varieties by opting for flavours like tomato chilli, butter, popcorn,creamy cheese, tangy jalapeno and PiriPiri masala to set your mood right.

Baked NamakPaare
NamakPaare is an all-time favourite among the Diwali fans in the country. A nice cup of tea and some NamakPaare after you’re quite drenched in the spirit of this festival of colours makes for a soulful pleasure if nothing else.

But this festive speciality comes with a price as you can gain weight. A handful of these can do some serious damage to your body sculpting routine; instead, try the baked version. You can buy these online or simply head to the nearest confectionary to order some, they taste the same as their deep-fried counterparts but are definitely healthier.