Here Is What The Maldives Has In Store For Honeymooners

What do honeymooners crave for? Exotic location, great food, vibrant nightlife and the most important privacy – that is what the Maldives offers to newlywed looking to make some fantastic memories on their special trip. It is a destination that offers picture-perfect moments, straight out of your favourite movie. Here is where fantasies can be lived, experienced and enjoyed.

The cherry on the cake is secluded resorts on independent islands that offer couples a very individual experience. Get off the plan, hire a cab and set foot on white sand beach in your flip-flops. Make sure to get a taxi transfer facility from the airport while booking Maldives honeymoon package.

Here is what to expect when in the land of romance, mush and passion:  

Romance like there is no tomorrow

The Maldives with its beaches, secluded islands offer ample of scope for newlyweds to spend some quality time together. Try booking the legendary overwater villas that give direct access to the ocean offering best comfort and view to honeymooners. In fact, you can also try beach villas too; few have plunge pool that can be all yours to take a dip any time of the day. The five best beaches to visit while in the Maldives are Reethi Beach, Bikini Beach of Rasdhoo, Lily Beach at Hulahendhoo, Four Seasons Beach and Kurumba at Kaafu Atoll.

Snorkelling to explore underwater wonder

We have seen many of our favourite actors’ snorkelling with their love interest in films. If you want to live that experience the Maldives is a place to explore. Leave the mundane sightseeing for snorkelling to be part of the marine life under the sea. For first-timers some professionals assist the divers, helping them in experiencing the thrill. As travellers, it is fun to see amazing fish species like a mating octopus, dogtooth tuna, Sweetlips, Wahoo to Butterfly fish all in one go. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to swim along rare marine species like the giant Napoleon Wrasse. Maldives honeymoon package also offers a chance to customise honeymoon plans based on requirement.

Hop on to sandbank tours

If you want to relax, rejuvenate and fresh than do take the sandbank tour that offers mesmerising experience to travellers. Spend quality time on the long beach, sipping in cola and sunbathing with your spouse. Usually, a speedboat jetty comes to pick up travellers to take you around some wonderful locations.

Visit to the capital town must

Reconnect with the history of Maldives at Malé, the capital city of Maldives Islands. It offers the unlimited option to travellers including a museum, fish market, the tomb of Al-Hafiz Abul Yoosuf Al-Barbari to shopping destination.

Take a ride in the submarine

We all live in a Yellow Submarine sang the Beatles. If you loved this song and are dying to hitch a ride in a submarine than the Maldives offers plenty of options. This would be on the most exciting thing to do as a couple. Get to explore marine life from sharks to shipwrecks sitting inside the submarine. We bet you will want more of such rides and be tempted to extend the trip too.

Row row your boat

Having grown up listening to Row your boat gently down the stream, in the Maldives you can ride a boat. Imagine the thrill of rowing a boat together, venturing out in the middle of the water and making some wonderful memories together. Many private resorts offer a complete deal for honeymooners.

Spa by the beach

Book a villa or a resort; don’t forget to ask for a personal spa session for the two of you. Professionals and experts offer amazing massage experience with the sea humming soft melodies. Honeymooners long for this kind of life and Maldives knows how to spoil them for sure.

Fishing, sunset and lot more

How about catching your fish and eating it too? Sounds exciting? When in the land of heavenly beaches, you can look forward to going on a private fishing spree and get a chance to get it cooked for the evening meal. Enjoy the sight of the sun setting with the sky being lit by the stars as the two of you hold hands and let love blossom.

What are you waiting for? Hunt down some cool Maldives honeymoon package before planning for the wedding. Remember good things come in a small package, so invest in planning a good honeymoon. It is here you will build everlasting memories.

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