At the Heart of Eid - 3

Begum Razia, Mohammad Ali and Noor Baig
I make it a point to be home in Hyderabad on Eid, no matter which part of the world I’m performing or shooting in. It’s the one day the whole family is together, though ours is an open house on Eid. Along with relatives and friends, I eagerly await the chance to see the families of our old staff from Ahmed Bowla Bagh Palace, where I was born.

The day begins with Eid namaz, followed by haazari at my father and grandfather’s mazaars. Back home, a traditional Eid breakfast of khichdi-kheema, sheer khorma and seviyan is something I relish. While we try to make it a private affair, friends and fans do drop by to greet us.

Eid ul-Fitr is all about sharing and giving, and that’s the best part. In addition to the festivities, it’s this spirit of the month of Ramzan that culminates in Eid that’s most sacrosanct. The strict discipline that Ramzan inculcates is what I enjoy most; the spiritual feeling and wholesome togetherness when you gather for Iftar and Sehar.