At the Heart of Eid – 2

by mediology

Ahmed, Uzma, Barkath, Sidra Fatima, Zafar, Nimra Fatima and Mujahid Alam Khan
For our family, Eid celebrates the spirit of the holy month of Ramzan and brings us together in a celebratory mood. We all look forward to it with a sense of eagerness because of the togetherness Eid brings.
The holy month of Ramzan inculcates a strong sense of discipline through fasting and prayer. It takes us closer to Allah’s message, and gives us the opportunity to take our minds off the mundane matters of daily life.
Traditionally, we celebrate with tremendous joy, as most Muslim families do. We prepare for namaz after breakfast, which is a very important meal as it marks the end of a month of fasting. From my father down to the youngest member of the family, everyone sports new clothes. Being part of a large joint family means we all look forward to spending time with each other.
We greet the entire family, exchanging gifts and presents, and the youngsters look forward eagerly to their Eidi. We receive relatives and friends who come to greet us, offering them sheer khorma and other delicacies. In the evening, we enjoy a celebratory family meal as well as hosting Eid dinner. And as Muslims, we are obliged to giving Zakat. This gives me a great sense of personal joy.

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