Health Benefits of Tulsi: Check out these TOP FIVE benefitsof Holy Basil

Holy basil, also known as tulsi, is an easily found plant in India. It is known to be an age-old ingredient in Ayurveda. This herb is widely used and ayurvedic remedies to treat numerous health as well as beauty problems. Other than that, this ancient herb is known to have a huge significance in the Hindu culture. It is considered to be a holy plant and is worshipped by the Hindu people.

While some of us may not be aware of the significance of worshipping this plant, we do understand why most Indian households grow this plant. The Tulsi plant is known to have medicinal properties and is said to have the power to cure a number of ailments.

Most people believe that it's just the tulsi leaves that have health benefits but the fact is that nearly every part of this holy herb is known to have health benefits, including the seeds. It has a high nutritional value and works as a great health supplement to keep your body healthy and fit. But if you're unaware of its health benefits and want to know more about it, then check out these top five health benefits of Tulsi

Here are some health benefits of the tulsi plant:

  • If you're suffering from type 2 diabetes, then adding tulsi to your diet can help to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes as it helps in regulating your blood sugar levels.
  • Tulsi is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and is packed with antioxidants which aid in relieving joint pain and inflammation of any kind. It can be a blessing for people with arthritis. All you need is a cup of tulsi tea or tulsi oil to apply.
  • Tulsi has soothing properties and can help soothe your stomach and digestive system. It can improve your gut's health and also reduces the side effects of stress-induced stomach ulcers.
  • Holy basil has been used to treat wounds and infections over the years. It is known to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and analgesic properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It accelerates the process of healing and reduces pain. You can also use it to treat a throat infection or acne or mouth ulcers.
  • If you have unhealthy skin and often end up dealing with skin problems and infections, some tulsi can help detoxify your skin and keep it clean and healthy and also treats skin infections.  

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