The Healing Powers of Nature

Ever felt stressed and decided to take a long walk in nature, only to realise that you felt a lot better after the outing? You may often notice that when you think about nature or experience its beauty directly, it makes you happier. This is because nature has some amazing healing powers to help alleviate or cure a number of ailments. The scientific term used to describe this kind of self-healing method is naturopathy. We are all aware that nature is made up of five essential elements: fire, air, water, sky, and earth. Each of these elements is essential for your bodily functions. The popular technique of naturopathy helps in the process of eliminating illnesses through the energy present in nature.

Naturopathy can be an effective treatment for health issues like muscle pain, allergies, arthritis, asthma, flu, and cold. Problems related to stress can also be effectively addressed by this popular technique. It has also been known to cure digestive problems, fatigue, and skin disorders.

There are different ways in which a naturopathic doctor treats illnesses. This week, we bring you a few of the widely practiced methods in naturopathy. 

Herbal Medicine. Unlike the usual medicines prescribed by your general physician, herbal medicines are made from plants and have been known to cure various health issues. Herbal medicines are prepared using different parts of the plant such as its roots, leaves, seeds, flowers, and barks. Plant-based medicines are used to treat problems like skin infections, headaches, wounds, burns, arthritis, allergies, and gastric problems.

Hydrotherapy. Another popular method used in naturopathy is using water to alleviate various ailments. In this treatment, physical properties of water such as pressure and temperature are used to provide relief from pain. This method ensures proper blood circulation to the body, which in turn can keep diseases at bay. Some common treatments are hot air, steam baths, spinal, foot and head bath, hot and cold showers, etc.

Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a widely used medicine that has been effective in treating various diseases. Homeopathy is another form of natural medicine which consists of certain amounts of natural substances. In this form of treatment, different natural substances are mixed together to produce a medicine to address a particular ailment. This popular form of medicine can help with: infections, by stimulating the production of antibodies; immune-related diseases, by enhancing the immune functions; and anti-inflammatory and painful conditions, by stimulating the anti-pain functions.

Acupressure. Acupressure is a widely followed practice in various parts of the world. This common practice is based on the principle of life energy. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is taught that the human body consists of invisible lines of energy flow that are known as meridians. Acupressure points are found on these medians. Some common acupressure points are the elbows, hands, feet, and head. In this healing therapy, pressure is applied to certain points to bring about pain relief. Acupressure is known to cure health problems such as menstrual cramps, headache, muscle pain, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and it also works well with stress management. Acupressure must be done under the supervision of a professional therapist.

There is nothing like nature and its positive effects on health. If you spend a lot of time sitting at home, constantly checking your phone or glued to the television, it’s time to stop being lazy and start getting outdoors to enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature. Apart from enjoying the sights and sounds of the outside world, being outside in nature when you feel stressed or are suffering from a chronic illness can yield some surprising results. And check out some of these naturopathy techniques to get on the path to better health!          

- Akhila