The healing powers of gemstones

by mediology

Aquamarine, a cool blue stone, is recommended to be worn when one is lacking the self-confidence, self-love, calmness and inner peace. This stone ushers in the feeling of self-love and also brings in good luck for the person wearing it.

Amethyst is a stone considered for meditation, peace, balance courage and inner strength. The purple variety of quartz is essentially the yogi of stone i.e. it’s all about staying grounded while maintaining higher spiritual perspective.

Topaz is one of the most power gemstones as it facilitates the balance of emotion and provides protection from greed.

Diamond is considered to be a girl’s best friend. It is a stone that fits in to create a bond between two people. This gem brings in love and is recommended for relationships. If you are feeling foggy with decision-making a diamond might help clear things up.  

-Devashree Goenka


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