Healing Aspects

Diana Zaheer creates a space where ”true nature can arise”, experimenting with different tools to help the soul relax and heal. This month she tells You & I about how she works with energy, spiritual traditions, and conscious parenting.
Tell us about your first encounter with energy.
I always remember seeing energy–from the time I was a very young child. Lying in bed at night, I would watch energy patterns move across the ceiling of my bedroom. The patterns had a certain order and recurring movement that created special patterns. I see the patterns even today. They remind me that I am not alone, that there is another dimension of existence occurring right now that is pure love.
Energy patterns 
You have lived in various parts of the world. Tell us about what you picked from these places that has helped you in your endeavours?
I lived for a short time in Kazakhstan. I felt basic trust in the Divine come to life for me there. I faced delays and serious challenges countless times, but a sense of knowing that all would be well pervaded my consciousness and my body. Living in Nepal, I went through a time of spaciousness and expansion. I would sit for pujas with the monastery’s monks in the afternoons – just me and the monks – and watch the annihilation of my mind as the sounds of chanting, ringing bells, clashing cymbals, and blowing of Tibetan horns enveloped me.
trust in the Divine 
I also had the great fortune to spend time at Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, where I felt huge expansion, and was able to study there with a master Tibetan medicine teacher. India has become synonymous with home for me after living here for almost a decade, getting married here almost 20 years ago, and visiting here frequently after marriage. If someone doesn’t want to change, it can feel extremely overwhelming to encounter the aliveness and vitality of India. The most energetic gift of India is that it claims you. Something in the energy field of India activates a sense of belonging.
inner journey is an honour 
What are the different types of clients you have dealt with?
To accompany someone on their inner journey is an honour; to help them find their connection to that treasured inner part of themselves is an incredible way to spend time with them. My clients come from many different places in the world with many different life experiences. A lot of my clients are adults seeking a deeper connection with themselves as well as a change in some part of their relationships, professional or family lives. I also work with children and teenagers. There are many sensitive and brilliant children on the planet right now, some of whom have asynchronous learning challenges, where parts of their brains function exceptionally fast and other parts need gentle support to achieve learning mastery. I am passionate about helping these children and their families find new tools for communication and safety.  
Dalai Lama 
Could you shed some light on the different techniques you use to heal your clients?
One of my biggest intentions is to help my clients live with kindness towards themselves as well as others. We discover a precious smallness inside of ourselves that we can listen to, befriend, and champion. As we have more direct and loving contact with our smallness, we don’t need the critical voice in the same familiar ways for protection and safety. The critical voice becomes quieter, more space arises and we feel peaceful, happy and free. We work to reunite ourselves with our innate ability to sense inside our inner bodies and notice sensations, temperature, speed of movement, lightness/heaviness, openness/closedness. We also engage in practices such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, tapping or EFT, sensing the body with a body scan, chanting, praying, conscious breathing, yoga, singing, dancing, and offering service.
What do healing rooms provide 
What do your healing rooms provide?
I created the healing rooms as a tool for my clients, so they have a place to go between sessions to help them remember who they really are inside. The rooms offer a safe environment where we can reconnect with a pure transmission of an energy that may feel hard for us to access. For example, if a client is working on the quality of strength and how it might be blocked in his life, during the session he may feel beautifully and directly united with this feeling. But after a few days, the barriers to his true strength return. So he can go to the strength healing room independently, and receive energetic transmissions of true strength by exploring the carefully selected writings, audios and videos in that place. This supports his safe return to his growing relationship with his experience of strength.

..... as told to Vatika