HBO Executive Says Don't Get Your Hopes Up For Jon Snow

Is Jon Snow still alive? HBO's top programming executive has answered the question once and for all “Dead is dead is dead. He be dead. Yes. Everything I’ve seen, heard and read, he is dead,” HBO executive Michael Lombardino said, according to The Huffington Post.  He made these remarks during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Thursday, but that doesn’t really answer the question many ask: Is Jon Snow coming back next season?
Lombardo’s words echo those of the show’s producers who said that when it comes to Snow, dead is indeed dead.  “We would hope that after seeing the scene and the way it’s shot that the answer to that will be unambiguous in the minds of the people watching it,” showrunner Dan Weiss told Entertainment Weekly, referring to season five’s final bloody scene. “It should be pretty clear what happens in by the time you’re done seeing that scene. It’s not an, ‘Oh what just happened scene?’”

-Devashree Goenka