Having It All - Sudha Reddy

Known for her lavish lifestyle and luxurious tastes, Sudha Reddy has poise and a pleasing personality that attracts everyone’s attention. She hails from a business family that runs Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited. Her travels around the globe have given her the exposure to broaden her horizons in terms of fashion, which is reflected in her style of dress – be it in intricate, glamorous gowns or simple high-fashion outfits. A head-turner everywhere she goes, Sudha is often seen wearing the best designers and mind-blowing jewellery and accessories. In a candid chat about fashion and luxury, she talks about her favourite treats and some not-so-favourite trends. Take a look.

Who’s your favourite couture designer?
My favourite couturier is definitely Zuhair Murad. The Lebanese fashion designer’s dresses are elaborate and opulent, and that’s what I like about his design style.

And your favourite brands?
I love all the brands there are! Name anything from A-Z, and I’ll have something or the other I like about that particular brand. The thing about brands is that they have their own uniqueness and distinct styles. Having said that, there are two brands in particular that I like: Versace and Balmain. I’m a fan of their details, which I feel are unmatched.

When you’re in the mood to shop or revamp your wardrobe, where do you go?
From street shopping in Hyderabad to high-end purchases in Paris, I don’t mind shopping anything from anywhere! But I must confess, I’m very lazy to go shopping, and yet I want to have everything in my wardrobe.

Which fashion trends do you like the least?
I have never really liked multi-coloured or multi-patterned outfits. I have always disfavoured them, somehow.

Which of your fashion accessories do you like the most?

I have a diamond on my left incisors, which sparkles every time I laugh. That’s my favourite of all.

A fashion mistake you avoid?
No matter what I wear or how I style my outfit, there’s only one thing I keep in mind to avoid a fashion faux pas: tight corsets. I also avoid towering stilettos, but that’s more of a personal choice than a mistake.

What’s the craziest look you’ve ever tried?
Huge headgears and theatrical crowns (laughs)! Boy was that crazy!

What’s your favourite luxurious retreat?
To me, the best luxury in the world is to wake up from sleep as fresh as a baby and without any hurries whatsoever. And then, indulge in a spa, followed by appetising cuisine and some fine wines, all on a private island. Now, that’s a true retreat!

Your idea of luxury is?
Anything that’s bespoke.

What’s the most luxurious thing you possess?
A rare pair of anklets by Harry Winston. They were custom-made for me and are quite special.

A product or service you splurge on the most?
Spa treatments!

What’s on your wish list for 2019?
Umm… nothing so far. But now that you’ve mentioned it, perhaps I’m going to start thinking about it now (laughs)!     - as told to Sumana