Have you Heard of Heated Clothing?

Are the cold seasons of monsoon and winter making you wear layers of warm clothes? Are you feeling extremely uncomfortable wearing them? Well, heated clothing is here for your rescue. 

What is heated clothing?

A hi-tech electric wear, heated clothing has tiny wires sewn into the fabric. The wires, which are called heating elements are made from carbon fiber, or in some cases, metal composite, as these materials perform under continual heating and cooling processes. Connected to a battery, these wires begin to warm your clothes, with a low electrical current passing through them, as soon as the battery is turned on.

This winter/monsoon wear is not only futuristic but is also revolutionary. Unlike the boring regular sweaters and jackets, heated clothing is very fashion forward.

Things to keep in mind before wearing heated clothing:

• Know about the temperature or climatic change beforehand that you are about to experience.
• It is a must to check your body’s resistance to extreme temperatures.
• It helps to monitor your physical and medical conditions while wearing the heated apparel.
• Ensure the temperature of the clothing is right for your body.
• Consult your physician before buying this type of clothing in case you are ailing.
• Ensure the batteries to be used are not expired.

Some of the trendy heated clothing options heated jackets, heated gloves, and heated socks. Always remember, read the manual thoroughly and understand about heated clothing before wearing them. Some of the top Brands that offer heated clothing for women are Volt heated clothing, The Warming Store, Blaze Wear, Kelvin War and Gerbing.

Pic courtesy: thewarmingstore.com