Hair Raising New Age Hairstyles

70’s style blowouts, breathtaking braids, and an accessory or two in the mane: that’s crowning glory!

Curl cascade. Soft romantic waves will never go out of style. Whether they’re natural or crafted with a curling iron, voluminous hair with tight curls is one of the more fun fall 2019 hair trends.

In parts. A middle part is as classy as can be, and the side parts are prim and proper. While the former fits the ‘70s comeback, the latter can look school girlish in some instances and mature and sophisticated in others.

Peculiar pigtails. Cute isn’t the first word that comes to mind when we think about this trend. It’s major on the runway! High or exaggerated, you pick your pigtail style!

Big wigs. No matter where the big hair inspiration came from, these massive, voluminous ‘dos will ensure that you stand out.

Fun buns. A twisted bun is a great little hairdo to learn. It looks like it takes tons of time and effort, but it’s actually super easy to create.

Semi updos. If a tight bun isn’t quite your style, but you don’t want to let your hair hang too loosely, then a semi updo is what you need to try. Try a half-down half-up look, for instance.

Slick it back. This hair is as sophisticated as can be. It clearly says, “You can’t mess with me,” and it pairs as well with a ball gown as it does with a slouchy suit.

Let it slide. The season’s hair necessity is a simple slide that marries form and function. It adds elegance to sleek straight hair!

Pixie and buzz cuts. There’s always still room for ultra-short haircuts in terms of both elegance and grungy style.

Bows are back. Yet another accessory to add to hair accessories, bows work on any hairstyle. Whether it’s curly, straight, or half-up, tying your hair with a bow adds some feminine touch to your ensemble.