Hair Care For Summer

It’s that time of year when you need to devote some extra time to tend to your tresses. The summer sun can be harsh, and rising mercury levels can easily damage the hair cuticles, resulting in dry, brittle and downright drab hair. So, before bad hair days become a regular occurrence, arm yourself against the spiraling heat!

Hair shampoo

Here are some handy summer hair care tips that will keep you looking good in spite of his harsh weather-

•    Give your hair a summer break - Hair tends to be deprived of moisture during this period, making it very dry. Summer calls for gentler treatment, so switching to milder cleansing methods is advisable. Treat to your hair to a moisturising shampoo instead of a regular one.

•    Go natural - Limit the use of chemicals and switch to hair care products that have as many natural ingredients as possible. Regular use of hair colouring products with harmful compounds can further damage the hair, so skip that colouring treatment and let your look its natural best.      

•    Give the styling tools a break - Summer is the time to back off the hair styling tools! Give your hair a break from the blow dryers, and put the rollers and hot irons under lock and key. Whenever possible, let your hair air dry naturally, or use low or medium heat on the dryer.

•    Regular conditioning - Hair that gets exposed to the sun needs regular deep conditioning. For best results, apply conditioner and wrap the hair in a shower cap. The damaged hair soaks up the moisture, bringing quick relief. Also, cut down on shampooing, as it tends to strip the hair of moisture. Instead, try a daily dose of conditioner; your silken locks will thank you! For an extra special treatment, try this homemade herbal rinse: Boil water with apple cider vinegar and a handful of mint leaves. Strain and use it to lather the scalp. This not only helps the hair fight the summer heat but also protects it from the heat of a blow dryer.

Hair cutting

•    Protect yourself - When in doubt, limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. Block the sun’s harsh rays by using floppy hats, caps or even scarves as protection. Many hair care products have SPF protection to safeguard the hair. Try products with ingredients such as keratin, jojoba oil or wheat germ protein to add some extra shine.

•    Trim those tresses - With summer robbing the hair of its moisture, the chances of hair getting frizzy are high. Getting a regular trim during these months can snip away damaged or split ends, keeping the hair looking its best!

•    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - A sure-shot way to keep hair lustrous is to replenish the body regularly with water. Drinking lots of water keeps the strands and roots flush with moisture. So increase your water intake and watch your hair’s texture improve!

•    The best defense - Summer certainly calls for a dip into the closest pool! While this can be invigorating, the chlorine content in the pool only adds to your hair’s woes. Wetting the hair before entering the pool helps lower chlorine absorption. And using a clarifying shampoo after a swim helps remove the chlorine residue from the hair.  A rinse with tomato juice is a great way to eliminate discolouration due to chlorine.

•    Sport a trendy look - Flaunting a short hairstyle in the summer lets you enjoy the sun without having to worry too much about your hair. Short curls and bobs are set for a comeback this season. Or try some bouncy layering to get the chic look! Ranging from pixie cuts to layers, these styles don’t need as much maintenance, and so they’re just right for this time of year.     

So before you head out for your beach holiday or that weekend pool party, give your hair that little extra bit of attention it needs, and you’ll be all ready for some fun in the sun!   

- Pallavi