Guilt Free Late Night Snacks

Up for a midnight movie and searching for some quilt free snacks for the night?? Here are the list of late night snacks which are easy on your stomach and are perfect for late night munching.

Peanut butter and brown bread:
One of the healthiest options which help you beat away your hunger.  As peanut butter is rich in good fats and generous spread of peanut butter on brown bread or whole wheat bread would be a perfect choice for a midnight snacks, you can alternate peanut butter with an almond spread also.

Boiled eggs:
Weather its morning or mid night boiled eggs are the perfect choice to fill up your stomach. Give a twist to your regular boiled eggs by adding lemon, salt and coriander for a perfect midnight snacking.

A handful of dry fruits:
A better and healthier choice for midnight snacks. A handful of dry fruits would help you out from hunger, especially handful of almonds would give you that extra vitamins and minerals.

Banana is one the tastiest fruit which just fills up your stomach easily is a very good mid night snacks option, give a regular twist to your banana by making a banana smoothie with chilled milk and ice to fill up your stomach.

Paneer or cottage cheese:
Protein rich cottage cheese helps in filling up the stomach easily. Grilled cottage cheese with spices, cottage cheese roll are few options for the mid night snacks.